Elidune, the online library

Elidune is a complete library management system.
The goal of this software is to provide as much freedom as possible to the user and be easily adapted to fullfill his needs.

Elidune is a libre software distributed under the GPL license.


The idea behind Elidune is to offer the most modular solution possible.
The system is based on a client/server [1] architecture using a standardized and documented protocol (soap).
The server respects the librarian standards and the client is offering a pleasant working space to the user.


-  cataloguing for every sorts of documents, managing specimens and archives
-  readers and librarians management
-  documents circulation (loans, returns)
-  import every sort of M MARC [2]. An XML file describes the fields to import.
-  querying other online libraries (z39.50 client). This function can be used for helping the cataloguing work...
-  statistics modules easy to personalize through an XML file.


Peoples who are running GNU/Linux system can download an Elidune client and test the software with the demonstration server running at demo.elidune.org. See the instructions here.

[1] see the explanation on wikipedia

[2] MAchine-Readable Cataloging, more informations


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